Commissions: Sketch-Cards & Sketch-Covers

If you would like a custom piece of art or are seeking to get a commission, please contact me at

Standard shipping is $10. Orders are sent via USPS priority and include tracking numbers  


You can also visit our STORE PAGE to view completed Sketch Covers and Sketch Cards I have available for immediate purchase.
If there’s something you’re intested in, please contact me!

Comic Sketch Covers Available for Commissions:

I’ve got several blank sketch covers available for commissions. Sketch commissions generally start at $75 for pencil sketches but can vary from Pencil  to Ink/Marker sketches and even Acrylic sketches! Available covers change regularly… If you are looking for one in particular, feel free to reach out. If you already have a blank cover you want to use, even better!

Get a Personal Sketch Card Commission!

Because of the demand for characters, depictions and properties that I don’t have licensed cards for, I have printed up my own stock. On these I can do fan-art and other drawings that I would not be able to do otherwise.  Because these aren’t licensed, they are also a bit more affordable for  gifts and people just getting into collecting.  Sketches on my personal stock start at $20 for quick pencil sketches

Licensed Sketch Cards Available for Commissions:

I have worked as a licensed artist on various trading card properties. These are my AP copies on which I can do commissions!

Sketches done on licensed cards generally start at $50 for pencil sketches. Some rarer cards may cost more. Contact me for an exact quote.

**Commissions on LICENSED CARDS are subject to licensor approval so restrictions may apply. Basically the same rules we had to work on for the rest of the set. Certain characters mashups, crossovers, lewd or violent depictions may not be allowed for some sets.  Please also note that in some instances it may take and additional amount of time to get approval of the finished card from the publisher. 

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RARE UNCUT CARDS:  These 5×7″ SketchaFEX cards come uncut, perfect for bleed outside the main area!

RittenHouse: Marvel 75 2013

RittenHouse: Valiant 2013

RittenHouse: Women of Marvel 2013

RARE  EXTRA THICK CARDS:  These are 1/8 THICK cards that may not fit into regular top-loaders!

UpperDeck: MARVEL 2017
FLEER Ultra Spider-Man


UpperDeck: MARVEL2017

regular sketch cards:  These are my regular set of cards from various MARVEL Projects!

UpperDeck: MARVEL 2015
Avengers Age of Ultron
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2018
MCU First 10 Years
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2019
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2017
Spider-Man Far From Home
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2015
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2018
MARVEL's The Punisher
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2015
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2018
MARVEL's The Defenders
UpperDeck: MARVEL 2014
MARVEL Masterpiece

Cards celebrating various STAR-WARS projects but open to characters throughout the universe. Some restrictions apply!

TOPPS: Star Wars
A New Hope
TOPPS: Star Wars
A New Hope *BB-8 RARE!*
TOPPS: Star Wars
Rogue One
TOPPS: Star Wars
Galactic Files

Uncut Oversized Sketch Cards! These are extremely hard to find!

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The Walking Dead Comic
TOPPS 2018
The Walking Dead TV Show
UPPER DECK Dinosaurs 2015 (“Top Summer Toys Award Winner” by The Toy Insider)
UpperDeck: FOX 2015
BAS: Treasure Chests & Booty
5Finity: Grimm Fairy Tales 2013
5Finity: Carwash Craziness 2013
TFP: Mandy
5Finity: Cherry 2013
CHADPops Hardworking Hotties 2015

What are Comic Sketch Covers?:

Are these real comics? YES!! A  sketch cover  comic is an official variant copy of a regular comic book released by the publisher. This version is produced with an extra cover wrap made of bristol board. The outer bristol cover is completely blank except for the logo and issue number.  Various companies have produced them and they are a great way to collect original art for yourself or as a gift!

What are Sketch Cards?:

Sketch cards are “One-of-a-kind” works of art done on officially licensed blank cards from different properties I’ve worked such as UPPER DECK MARVEL, TOPPS, BREYGENT, CRYPTOZOIC and many others.   One sketch card may be randomly inserted in a pack within a random  box of packs so the chances of finding one from an artist you like or of your favorite character is like finding a needle in a haystack! If you buy a pack of trading cards from your local shop,  there’s a rare chance you may find one in your pack.

As part of our compensation for working on a set, we are given a small number of BLANK cards  to keep or to do commissions on. These are ESPECIALLY rare  Sometimes these cards are marked with an “AP” for “Artist’s Proof” while others are just blank cards similar to the ones we worked on in the set.

Artist Proof sketch cards (AP) are not in the set distribution.  They are owned by the Artist and it’s more RARE than regular sketch cards because they are not inserted in the trading cards,  They are a GREAT opportunity for collectors to get a custom piece of art of your favorite character or property. 

Art done on these must be within the guidelines of the set they were printed for (no mashups, personal likenesses or unapproved characters). These are only available from artists who worked on the card sets . They for serious collectors and are highly sought after.