Use the following sections to view our current selection of art and prints. Our selection is updated as new pieces are completed.  Some prints may no longer be available online! So,  if you’ve seen something at a convention but can’t find it here, chances are it’s been discontinued. We may still have a few copies on hand and be able to ship it out to you so feel free to contact us.


(Please note that prices are estimated and rates may vary depending on complexity, likenesses, number of characters, commercial usage, etc. )

Terms of Commissions

We will both sign a basic contract spelling out the terms of our agreement.
Freddy will paint you an original painting which you will keep upon receipt of final payment. Paintings will be done on illustration board, or masonite (hardboard) depending on size or request. Paintings are unframed.

A Private Commission is different than hiring me for an illustration job, and so are the terms and rates. The cool thing about a commission is that you are getting a one of a kind original painting from Freddy based on your request. You are paying for the painting, not the copyrights. [Conversely, if you want to hire me for an illustration job, like for a cover of your novel, you will be paying for first time publishing rights to the image, but I would retain the full copyrights and keep the original painting unless otherwise negotiated.]

For the agreed upon fee, you will be buying an original painting. Freddy will retain all copyrights in the image. That basically means you own the physical painting, but Freddy owns the image. You cannot reproduce the image without permission, so you cannot make prints or greeting cards or t-shirts for your friends, etc. You cannot use the image to generate revenue. In the contract, you will be granted limited rights to display the painting and put it on your website or social media. A copyright notice of ownership must accompany the image when you display it.

If you would like to use the image to make reproductions (like tees for your gaming group, etc.), you can email Freddy and discuss a licensing agreement for a fee.

Freddy will exercise his right to publish the image on his website and or in print, show the image in his portfolio, include the image in an artbook or collection of his work, and sell prints or merchandise of the image if he so chooses. Other rights may be exercised in the future. Copyrights are hard to understand sometimes. Freddy will be happy to discuss rights further if you need more clarification.
ps: If the commission is a memorial, or you just don’t want it reproduced, certain concessions can be made.

For commissions under $100, Freddy requires a minimum 50% deposit before he will start work on the project. For commmissions over $100 a minimum 20% deposit must be made before work commences.

 You can make payments to Freddy with cash, money order, or with a credit card via Paypal.

 Upon receipt of initial deposit, Freddy will do a sketch based on prior discussions of the project for your approval. Once approved by you, another 30% deposit will be required to move to the painting phase.

Freddy will do his best to put the project in his schedule and complete the painting in a reasonable amount of time, as agreed upon by the parties.
Upon completion of the painting, the final balance will be due, including insured shipping costs. If payment is not made within 30 days without prior arrangements, your deposit will be forfeited, and Freddy will keep the painting.

Once payment is received, Freddy will ship out the well packed painting via UPS ground and provide a tracking number. USA shipping costs start at about $20 for a small painting on illustration board to $100 for a larger painting on masonite due to weight and packaging costs. Shipping costs will also include insurance based on fee paid for the painting. International shipping rates are higher.