Painting Videos – The Art of Freddy Lopez Jr
The Art of Freddy Lopez Jr

Painting Videos:

I’m posting and sharing my videos to help others build their art skills and to document my journey in becoming a full time artist. 

I’ll be sharing my “ArtCast” videos ranging from basic drawing tutorials to painting demos.These videos will be fit for all ages with some geared more towards beginners and others towards the more advanced artists I’ll also take you with me as I work on various commissions and discuss the process and techniques used.

And, if there’s a certain topic you’d like to see covered please reach out to me.. OR, if you’d like to order a commission and have it’s creation used as a video, we can do that too!

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 I would love for this to be accessible to as many as possible. To help make that happen, I decided not to put these behind a paywall but instead to share them on social platforms for you to enjoy. But, if you want to show appreciation for the effort I’m putting into this and help out a bit… you can donate to my tip-jar!

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