Store – Commissions

Prices are for 1 character Head/Bust of your favorite character!
Backgrounds, Additional characters Excessive details or likenesses are extra.

Convention Sketches (pencil only)

$20: 5×7 Quick Sketch
Done on 5×7 bristol board a quick pencil sketch is small, fun way to remember any convention or show you find me at!
$50: 8×10 Sketch on Bristol or Sketchbook
Done on 8×10 bristol board or in a sketchbook you supply, This is a great gift for any art collector. Pick your favorite superhero or fantasy character.
$150: Live Painting Specials!!
Live paintings are quick themed paintings done during an event! Have an idea for my live painting or want to buy it before anyone else? Here’s your chance to grab a large acrylic painting from me at a STEAL!!

Drawings 8×10 or Comic Sketch Covers

$50: Pencil Sketch ♦ $75: Ink /Greyscale ♦ $100: Color
Done on special comic books which are printed with blank covers. These are perfect for comic book fans and collectors. My personal selection is limited so inquire or you can supply your own. 1 character only, Backgrounds, additional characters or likenesses are an additional $25 fee.

Drawings: 11×14 – 11×17

$100: Pencil Sketch ♦ $150: Ink /Greyscale ♦ $200: Color
11×14 large format drawing done on bristol paper. Larger format allows for more detail, this is what most of my illustration work is drawn on. If you prefer, I also have 11×17 which is the industry standard size for original comic art. 1 character only, Backgrounds, additional characters or likenesses are an additional $25 fee.

Sketch Cards

$25: Pencil Sketch on my personal cards ♦ $30+:Pencil Sketch on licensed cards
These are original licensed blank cards from different properties I’ve worked on. Each card is one of a kind and part of a trading card series. BLANK cards are VERY RARE and the art done on these must be within the guidelines of the set they were printed for (no mashups, personal likenesses or unapproved characters). These are for serious collectors and are highly sought after.

Acrylic Paintings: Portrait or character

$50: 5×7 Head/Bust only ♦ $100: 8×10 canvas ♦ $225: 11×14 canvas
$300: 16×20 canvas ♦ $500: 24×36 canvas ♦ Larger upon request.

Looking for something else? Just ask!
I am also available to do illustration work for your book or gaming projects! Just ask!Larger